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You can rely on your Roseville RE/MAX Agent

Selling an item as insignificant as a ball-point pen requires you to do extensive marketing. Under the circumstances, imaging the marketing it will require to sell a house. This brings realtors like Roseville Remax Realtor into the picture. You will not be able to handle the marketing aspects on your own. You require the support of a professional marketing team to ensure that you succeed in selling your house. I’m a broker and can open my own office; however, I feel the branding and support of Re/Max Gold is to the benefit of my clients.  People know Re/Max, but I’m not sure if people know our office doesn’t hire new agents.  You have to have production and experience to be with Re/Max Gold.



The first step to do while venturing to sell the house is to determine its price. Until you are aware of the price, you will not be able to take the next step. The realtor professional can be of help in this matter by preparing the CMA report. The CMA report is an exhaustive one detailing the value of the property. It accounts for the renovations and alterations you have carried out to the house after its acquisition. This gives a realistic value to the house while indication that you should not sell your house for any amount below the value listed out in the CMA.
You can get the CMA done online. The easiest way to do it is to click on the “Home Valuation CMA report” link provided at the top of the website page. This company gets its men on the job immediately and you get your report within no time.  Most people are familiar with zillow and go there before talking to a broker.  Zillow can be accurate, or it can be way off.  I’ve seen both!  To get a solid understanding of a properties worth, you need to call me and I’ll come take a look.  There are usually too many factors for a website to simply tell you the value of a property.



The realtor professional may ask for inspecting the house to account for the additions and renovations. It is better if you have the plan maps and the estimates ready. The realtor might also ask for the original documents of the property to get a feeling of the original structure before the alterations. If you have all the papers ready with you, the report does not take much time. It presents the most realistic value your house can fetch.  
While inspecting the house, the Roseville Remax Realtor explains the things to do as well as not to do as well before putting up the house for sale. In case the house requires major repairs or refurbishing, it is better to get it done before preparing the CMA report. This can have an effect on the value of the house. In case you are in an urgency to sell your house, you should note that it could fetch a lower price under the circumstances.  I had a house recently in Natomas that needed carpet and paint but we decided to offset the price instead of doing new carpet and paint because we’re switching seasons and timing is more important to get it on and sold.
Maximizing profits for my sellers and negotiating the best terms for my buyers is what I do.  Where things get tricky is when I’m representing both sides.  It doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen sometimes.  The last property I double ended was up in Cameron Park.  I simply tell parties, buyer and seller that I’m a facilitator at that point.  I’m going to try and stay neutral as possible and recommend the norm if needs be.

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